Pride Rainbow Waves Dog Bandana
Luna & Loki Design

Pride Rainbow Waves Dog Bandana

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Add a fun, colorful twist to your furry friend's outfit with Luna And Loki Design's Rainbow Waves Dog Bandana. This eye-catching accessory, adorned with a vibrant rainbow waves design, showcases your dog's playful personality and style.

We've designed this bandana with safety and durability in mind. It features an over-the-collar style that ensures a secure and comfortable fit, making it the perfect accessory for walks, social outings, or simply posing for cute photos. It slides onto your dog's collar and stays in place, without the risk of becoming too tight or getting caught on objects, like traditional tie bandanas might.

For the ultimate choice in safety, we recommend using this bandana with a break-away collar, ensuring your pet's comfort and well-being at all times.

While this bandana subtly acknowledges Pride, it's mostly about celebrating the joy and individuality our pets bring to our lives. Plus, when you buy this bandana, you're supporting a crucial cause, with Luna And Loki Design donating a portion of the sale to mental health research.

Celebrate your pet's unique charm, ensure their safety, and contribute to a meaningful cause with the Rainbow Waves Dog Bandana. It's more than just a fashion statement - it's about making a difference one accessory at a time.

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