About Us

About Luna and Loki Design, LLC 
Founded in 2017 to provide handcrafted genuine leather and vegan leather earrings, Luna and Loki Design has transformed into a jewelry business that has helped hundreds of free spirits create good energy. When you put on a piece of Luna & Loki jewelry, you will notice a spark of joy to help bring good energy to your day.

Our pieces make you feel good, are made and sourced with intention, and help support mental illness research grants through the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation.
As a mother-daughter team, Renae and Missy design and fabricate jewelry in their Granger, Indiana studio.

About Renae — Owner, Director Of Marketing And Business Development  
With a background in marketing and business development, Renae curates styles and translates trends in accessories for women. She is a crafter, to-do list maker, and baking enthusiast. 

About Missy — Director Of Creative Design And Product Development
With a background in design and web development, Missy focuses her time in research and development: sourcing the latest raw materials and working closely with die makers.  She is a tecky, the original DIYer, and Renae's mother.