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About Us

The Launch of Luna and Loki Design, LLC 
Founded in 2016 to provide handcrafted leather and vegan leather “weightless” earrings.  With an eye for detail and a penchant for trends, Renae and Missy launched Luna and Loki Design.  All styles are designed and fabricated in their Granger, Indiana studio.

What's in a Name?
Named after “famous women”, each earring boasts the name of a special woman who inspired the design. The earrings are funky and trendy; textured and vibrant; warm and subtle—they celebrate the strong yet sincere, bold yet reserved, and ever-present fashionista of Abby, Marie, Sydney, Patricia and the many others. These are the woman who help in the studio, model for photo shoots, sample prototypes, and own the boutiques where our products are sold.  While not everyone can sit down to a cup of coffee with these empowering women, you take home a little piece of their inspiration in a handcrafted custom original when you purchase from Luna and Loki. 

Each Piece is a Gift
The new owner of a Luna and Loki Design Original will receive their earrings in a custom designed and carefully packaged clear cellophane envelope sealed with a gold heart—its it's like a gift to yourself or a pre-wrapped gift for a loved one.  Luna and Loki not only care about the quality of the product, but pay special attention to the packaging and shipping.

The Ladies in Charge
Our love of design and fashion drives us.  

Renae — Founder and CEO of Luna and Loki
With a background in marketing and business development, Renae curates styles and translates trends in accessories for women.  She is a mom, a business woman, and daughter.

Missy — President and Director of Creative Design.  
With a background in design and web development, Missy focuses her time in research and development: sourcing the latest raw materials and working closely with die makers.  She is a tecky, the original DIYer, and Renae's mother.